What's your school's vaccination rate?

The map above shows schools in the Fresno area that reported vaccination numbers for the 2018-2019 school year, the most recent available. To find the measles vaccination rate at a specific school, click the drop down menu to find your school.

The schools that have met the herd immunity standard of 95% are shown in green, and the schools that fall below a measles vaccination rate below 95% are shown in red.

Source: California Department of Public Health

A multi-state measles outbreak has health experts urging caution as the number of cases are the highest they've been in almost three decades. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show there are less than 13 hundred cases in the US across 31 states-- but that's the highest number of cases since 1992. 131 of those cases are from California, a state that has some of the nation's tightest immunization laws.

The laws allow doctors to excuse children either temporarily or permanently from some or all vaccinations if there is a medical reason. Schools no longer accept personal or religious belief exemptions. Action News reporter Vanessa Vasconcelos explores the vaccination debate that's intensifying in California and has what experts say we need to be on the lookout for. The World Health Organization says 93-95% percent of the population needs to be vaccinated against measles to confer herd immunity.

Of the Central Valley's 425 reporting elementary schools -- 11 fall below that recommended range.

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