Julia Rae

Julia Rae is a singer, songwriter, model, advocate, and on-camerahost. She was born to sing and she was born with a chronic lungdisease, cystic fibrosis. Trying to reconcile why God would bless herwith a voice and be faced with the challenges of a lung disease, Juliadecided to use her voice to find a cure. At the age of 16, shefounded her own non-profit, Singing at the Top of My Lungs, toempower hospitalized children to use their voice to share their storyas well. Singing at the Top of My Lungs has raised funds for cysticfibrosis research and provides grants to child life and music therapyprograms at children's hospitals. Julia can be seen modeling innational advertisements and commercials for brands such asTempurPedic, Jacuzzi, and Cure Auto Insurance. Most recently, Juliasang her way to the top on ABC's latest music competition, Listen toYour Heart. Whether it’s through music, hosting, or modeling, Julia ispassion about the art of storytelling. Follow Julia Rae on social mediato see what stories she tells next: @itsjuliarae