Questions by Jim Donnelly,

1. For which comedy did Tom Hanks receive his first Oscar nomination?

2. Which Oscar host said, "Jack Palance just bungee-jumped off the Hollywood sign?"

3. All of these stars won an acting Oscar in 2017 except:

4. For which movie did Morgan Freeman receive his very first Oscar nomination?

5. Sigourney Weaver got an Oscar nomination in 1989 for Gorillas in the Mist and what other film?

6. Costume designer Lizzy Gardiner made headlines at the 67th Academy Awards with a dress made of... what?

7. What is the only film based on a TV series to get a Best Picture nomination?

8. Which film beat out The Wizard of Oz for Best Picture of 1939?

9. How long did the awards ceremony last at the first Academy Awards banquet in 1929?

10.Which Oscar-winning director once purchased "Rosebud" - the sled from Citizen Kane?

11.In 1951, who made her only appearance at an Academy Awards ceremony?

12.Who escorted his new wife, Nancy Davis, to the 1952 Academy Awards Ceremony?

13.Oscar-winner Marisa Tomei's My Cousin Vinny character was an "expert" witness in what area?

14.When Adrien Brody won the Oscar, who received an impromptu on-stage smooch?

15.For which film did nine-year-old Justin Henry receive an Oscar nomination?

16.Which Oscar-winner said, "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good?" during his memorable performance?

17.Which Best Picture winner features the line, "I coulda been a contender"?

18.Which Oscar-winning flick spawned a long-running TV series?

19.Who attended the 1956 Academy Awards less than a month before becoming a princess?

20.What best describes Paul Newman's Oscar-winning role in "The Color of Money"?

21.David Niven described the 1974 Oscar streaker as a man who was doing what?



1. (d) Big

2. (b) Billy Crystal

3. (b) Ryan Gosling

4. (d) Street Smart

5. (a) Working Girl

6. (b) American Express Cards

7. (d) The Fugitive

8. (b) Gone with the Wind

9. (d) 15 Minutes

10. (b)Steven Spielberg

11. (d) Marilyn Monroe

12. (b) Ronald Reagan

13. (c) Automobiles

14. (c) Halle Berry

15. (a) Kramer vs. Kramer

16. (b) Michael Douglas (in Wall Street)

17. (d) On the Waterfront

18. (b) In the Heat of the Night

19. (c) Grace Kelly

20. (d) Pool Shark

21. (a) "Showing off his shortcomings"