Cam Anthony


Wise beyond his years, Cam Anthony is all about supporting the underdog. He is comfortable taking the lead on conversations on social issues and human rights, or when it comes to helping a person in need. You can count on Cam to be the first on deck to help.


Cam is a reserved and conscientious human who is observant and will weigh out the details and ask for clarity before chiming in. You will receive the benefit of the doubt from Cam. #MindfulHuman!

Naturally Talented

Cam's talent as a singer became known to his family when he was 5 years old - singing the Folger's commercial around the house. Soon after that, they started recording and posting his songs, and millions of views followed... He was also the lead singer in their Church Choir and he plays instruments by ear!

Cam’s Story

At only 20 years old, Cam’s career has quite a bit of “Seasoning” with a full repertoire of experiences and success to show for it!

After realizing great success from posting cover songs, at age 11, Cam’s talent made it on to the radar of Ellen Degeneres, which resulted in a live performance and interview on her talk show. The then 12-year-old Cam even performed at the WHite House during the Obama administration.

Cam was offered a recording deal with Dr. Dre & Aftermath Records not long after that interview without ever meeting Dr. Dre. One year later, at age 13, Cam partnered with long-time managers Toya Hankins and Danny Love.

Cam began recording a 26-song body of music that is still very relevant today. He also added to his list of accomplishments, working with award-winning writers and producers, performing at Tom Jaynor’s Family Reunion, multiple Ford Motor Company programs, and Carnegie Hall as a part of Vivian & Ray Chew’s Musical Legends program and an opening night performance at the famed “Motown the Musical.”

Cam became a YouTube and Awesomeness TV favorite, releasing a few music video covers, then independently releasing 2 original songs & 1 video, “How Can I Forgive Ya” and “Leave Ya Troubles.”

“One of the things that I’ve always loved about music is the ability it has to move people emotionally.” “I never take the power of music for granted, and whenever I get the opportunity, I want to use my gift to help uplift people and the world.”