Sharpe Family Singers

The Sharpe Family Singers are a modern day take on the icon American classic family band The Partridge Family. Comprised of Ron (dad), Barbra (Mom), and siblings Samantha, Logan, and twins Aidan and Connor, the Sharpe Family Singers are rising to stardom with their original, witty, and creative musical content on TikTok, a popular social media platform for viral short form video content. Since starting their channel in February 2020, the family has amassed more than 7.6 million followers and 150 million likes with more than 1.5 billion views of their fun, family-friendly videos. Instagram has also been a popular avenue for the family, with more than 50 million views. In total they have over 8.2 million followers on all platforms! The Sharpe Family Singers began their professional musical journey in 2014 touring globally, performing a combination of popular music and well-known theatrical numbers.

Ron and Barbra each got their start individually on Broadway and serendipitously met on stage performing in Les Miserables as the title characters ‘Marius’ and ‘Cosette,’ turning their married life on stage into reality. With their undeniable talents combined, Ron and Barbra are proud parents to musically gifted Samantha, Logan, and 12-year-old identical twins Aidan and Connor. Together, the family of six embarked on their social media journey as 2020 took a drastic turn with Coronavirus shutdowns across the world. They took their stage talents and began to create original video content. Barbra, Samantha, and Logan come together to brainstorm ideas and trends, with Logan on twin wrangling and set design duty and Ron providing musical direction. The final product comes together with Samantha’s talent for video editing.

Fans of Sharpe Family Singers have come to know Ron as the goofball and king of dad humor, Barbra as the go-getter and passionate overachiever, Samantha as the bubbly and happy, natural born leader, Logan as the quiet but fiercely protective brother, ad twins Aidan and Connor as the energetic and fun younger brothers. With the inability to travel, what started as a fun way to flex their performing muscles, has turned into a passionate family project, further strengthening the bond of the already tight-knit family. When not planning and executing their TikTok content, the Sharpes spend their free time in nature, fishing and canoeing, playing games, and staying active as a family. When they can, they love to do anything fun together such as laser tag, bowling, and frequenting theme parks. They strive to give back to the community, with almost half their live shows performed for charity. They have ongoing partnerships with The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, Horizon House, and were most recently honored by the American Cancer Society.