The ABC7 Vaccine Tracker shows that at least 3,275,611 people across New Jersey have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Apr. 9, the most recent total made public by the state health department. At least 1,861,426 people have received both doses.

Overall, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that about 6.2 million doses of vaccine have been allocated to New Jersey.

Statewide, ABC7’s data analysis show that the first shots given so far amount to an estimated 45.8% of New Jersey residents 16 and over, which is everyone who would be eligible to receive the current vaccines. A child vaccine is not yet available.

At least 660 locations across New Jersey are administering vaccines, according to the state’s latest list of providers. You can search every vaccine location across New Jersey in our exclusive map below. See more about the state’s vaccine program.

What’s happening in my New Jersey county?

You can look up the progress thus far of vaccination of people over 16 in every New Jersey county below. Start typing your county name in the search bar to find it faster.